medical travel insurance

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medical travel insurance

having a medical condition shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a well-deserved break away from home – and in most cases, it doesn’t! but it’s always better to be safe than sorry, which is why we cannot stress just how important it is that you disclose any medical conditions that you have when taking out a travel insurance policy.

we get it – declaring a medical condition can sometimes feel like a lot of hassle and it may not even seem worth the trouble. but making sure your travel insurer is fully aware of any medical conditions you have is essential, as you could be putting yourself at risk of not being covered if anything was to happen before you travel or while you were away.

why do i need declare my medical history?

medical bills abroad can be very expensive if you don’t have travel insurance in place to take care of these (not to mention the price of an air ambulance to get you home if you need it). so why put yourself in a position where you could have to pay the bill?

to ensure you have the most suitable travel insurance cover in place, make sure you fully and accurately tell your travel insurer about any medical conditions (no matter how big or small) during the quote process. that way, you can travel with peace of mind knowing whether your medical conditions are covered or not.

all policies available through our brands here at albert & eddie offer medical travel insurance as standard and include:

we believe that great travel insurance offers you protection against unexpected mishaps that can happen on any getaway. that’s why all of the travel insurance policies available on our site not only include cover for assistance in case of a medical emergency and the expenses that come with that, but cancellation and protection for your belongings if you lose them or they get damaged or stolen too (although for some personal items you will need to take out a cover extension, for example gadgets or sports equipment). all policies available on albert & eddie also come with an option to increase your protection based on your upcoming trip. after all, no two holidays are the same – so why should your cover be?

all standard single trip travel insurance policies at albert & eddie include:

  • up to £10 million in case of a medical emergency, depending on the policy selected
  • emergency repatriation back to the uk (if it is medically necessary)
  • the cost for one relative or friend to stay with you if you are hospitalised
  • cover for a new flight if you are hospitalised and miss your original return flight
  • cancellation cover which starts as soon as you purchase on all single trip policies, and from the start date you choose on all annual multi trip policies (giving you extra peace of mind)§
  • 24/7 access to an assistance team in the case of a medical emergency
  • over 100 sports and activities covered as standard
  • cover for UK, European and worldwide trips, as long as you are not travelling against the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office’s travel advice
  • plus, a wide range of extra add-ons that let you personalise your policy even further

frequently asked questions

why do i need travel insurance that covers my medical conditions?

no one expects to fall ill or need emergency medical assistance while on holiday – but sometimes the unexpected does happen.

if you need medical assistance while abroad, and you’ve fully disclosed all medical conditions as well as taken out a policy suitable to your needs, your travel insurance will step in and take care of all relevant costs. they’ll also, in most cases, speak directly with the hospital and if necessary, arrange for transportation to get you back home. if you’re alone, most policies will also cover the costs for someone to stay with you, but as always, we suggest you check your chosen policy to confirm what you are covered for.

if you choose not to declare your medical history and later need emergency assistance, related to an existing condition or diagnosis, your travel insurer may not cover any of the costs if the illness is linked to your medical condition, leaving you to foot the bill and cover any other expenses.

if you do have any questions about what you should and shouldn’t let us know about, feel free to contact us and we can help you further.

which medical conditions are covered under travel insurance?

all travel insurance brands available on albert & eddie can cover hundreds of medical conditions as a result of the quick and easy medical risk rating systems we use.

so, whether you need to declare a common condition, such as asthma or diabetes, or if you have a more complex condition such as a cancer diagnosis, then we might have a policy that is sure to meet your needs.

how can i pay less for my medical travel insurance?

you should not under-declare or hide any medical conditions from your insurer to save a few pennies, as you risk not being covered and having to cover the cost of any medical treatment by yourselves should you need to claim.

the only way to pay less for a travel insurance policy is to buy a policy with a specialist medical provider, rather than a standard insurer. as mentioned, all travel insurance brands on albert & eddie assess medical conditions based on an individual’s lifestyle and medication. therefore, having a better understanding of the condition itself allows albert & eddie brands to offer a more accurate and affordable price. don’t believe us? take out a quote yourself!

which policies are the best for covering medical conditions?

the most suitable travel insurance policy for someone with a medical condition will vary depending on the condition itself and its severity.

those with more complex medical conditions such as cancer may find that specialist medical insurers are most suitable for their needs in terms of cover and price. whereas those with more common medical conditions, such as diabetes or asthma, may find that a normal standard policy suits them better.

it all depends on the type of cover an individual is looking for and how severe their medical condition is. 

why do i have a medical excess?

to keep the price of a travel insurance policy low, many travel insurers require customers to pay a medical excess in the event of a medical claim.

some travel insurers ask customers to pay their excess before a claim is settled, while others deduct the excess from the final claim settlement. neither is right or wrong – it is just down to the insurer’s preference!

it’s worth being aware that a medical excess is different to a normal policy excess. a medical excess is only applied if the claim is related to the medical condition declared. for example, if you were to cancel your holiday because you were made redundant, you would only pay the standard policy excess. however, if you had to cancel your holiday because your declared medical condition flared up, then your medical excess would apply.

are sports and activities covered on your policies?

most of the travel insurance policies available here at albert & eddie offer basic cover for standard sports and activities. so, check your policy carefully to make sure you are covered for any activities you plan on taking part in during your trip.

however, we also have a specialist extreme sports travel insurance brand which offers additional protection for those of you that are adrenaline junkies!

do your policies cover covid-19?

most of the policies available through albert & eddie offer some standard protection against covid-19. for example, cancellation cover due to isolating or being hospitalised as a result of a covid-19 diagnosis.

however, there’s also the option across all travel insurance brands here at albert & eddie to increase your protection with a covid-19 policy extension.

§cancellation cover limits may vary between our brands. please check your policy wording for more information.