insurance can be a minefield

insurance that matches your ever-changing travel habits

as humans, we’re constantly evolving and developing. from fashion choices, hairstyles and even our taste in food, who we are and the way we live can quickly change. after all, did you ever imagine enjoying an olive when you were younger?

in the same way that our taste buds change, the way we buy products can also be influenced depending on where we are in life and what our circumstances are.

insurance can be a minefield

take car insurance as an example. finding cheap car insurance can feel like a minefield when you’re under 25. insurers typically charge higher premiums for being newer on the road and, statistically speaking, under 25s are more likely to be involved in an accident. but if you’re a 50-year-old driver with a clean licence and no claims, you’ll most likely find cheap cover without any problem.

the world we live in can also influence the things we buy. for example, after the covid-19 pandemic hit, airlines, tour operators and even travel insurers had to change their products to meet the demands of the new travel landscape. we, as consumers, had never before heard of the phrase ‘covid-19’, but suddenly, we’re afraid to go on holiday without some form of protection against it. and so we bought the flight/holiday/insurance policy that offered covid-19 protection for peace of mind.

and then our own life experiences and milestones influence the decisions we make. take travel for example. who we are, the stage we’re at in life, and the type of holiday we enjoy can determine the type of insurance product we need. here’s an example:

with more freedom and fewer responsibilities, young people are far more inclined to shoot off on a solo sightseeing adventure around the world, needing specialist backpacker cover that protects them for more than the standard 30 days. they may even need a gadget extension to cover all the devices that they plan to take with them to capture every moment.

holiday tastes change

these young, free, individuals may then go on to have their own family and their idea of a holiday soon changes. the family may desire a more relaxing ‘bucket-and-spade’ break, requiring a more flexible product that suits a range of different ages.

the children then grow up and go on to experience their own adventures with their friends. perhaps they enjoy chasing the next thrill and feeling the rush of adrenaline pumping through their veins and need cover for an extreme sports or winter sports getaway.

meanwhile, the empty nesters left behind now have time to enjoy their retirement years and may choose to see the world on a cruise, with a specialist cruise extension. they then may experience a change in health and need travel insurance protection specifically designed for medical conditions.

while the above is a very stereotypical analogy of the cycle of life – in terms of travel – it’s easy to see how the experiences we have and the choices we make can have a huge influence on the type of cover needed for a trip.

specialist algorithm

with this in mind, albert & eddie uses a specialist algorithm to make sure travellers are matched with the policies that best meet their travel needs, based on where travellers are in their lifecycle and their individual circumstances*. whether it’s as small as making sure a mobile phone is protected with a gadget extension, offering a specialist cruise extension for a holiday at sea, or even making sure the policy has enough cancellation cover for the trip, our suite of brands available through albert & eddie offer cover for many travellers.

because our focus is on making sure that you buy the right product rather than the cheapest.

experience tells us that when you buy travel insurance based on price it increases the chances of being disappointed if you do have to make a claim.

and if that happens your loyalty goes out of the window. if your claim is declined because you didn’t have the right cover then you’re unlikely to come back and buy from us again.

you wouldn’t take just shorts and t-shirts for a winter holiday in the Alps in the same way you probably wouldn’t take an overcoat and woolly scarf for a summer holiday on the Costa Blanca. so you don’t need cruise cover for a skiing holiday or a winter sports extension for a beach holiday. that’s how our algorithm works – taking the minimum amount of information about you and your trip to come up with the perfect match.

simplifying decision-making

and let’s face it, it can be a bit of a pain to spend time choosing a product that you may not need to use. that’s the nature of insurance – it’s there in case something goes wrong.

so we’ve worked hard to take the pain out of the decision-making process. a few simple questions can help us find the best policy for you*. and we’re doing this because if you feel let down by your experience of travel insurance you will just go elsewhere next time. 

much like how we evolve and change over time, the specialist technology used to match you with the right policy for you may also change too.

big leaps in technology

in the not-too-distant future, the growth and increasing sophistication of artificial intelligence (ai), big data and mobile technology will transform how we interact with our customers. the buzz in the insurance industry right now is about how these three things can be combined to allow us to react and pay out instantly if, for example, your flight is delayed.

if we know which flight you’re on, and have your mobile phone details we can track your flight and be alerted quickly if you’re going to be delayed. and we will be able to pay out without you even having to make a claim.

it’s called parametric insurance – the ability to track events in real time and respond quickly without you having to do anything. but that’s all in the future.

for now, our focus is on making sure you’re not just tempted to buy the cheapest policy based on a few quick questions but instead let us work out what you need to make sure you won’t be disappointed when it comes to claiming on your insurance.

we don’t want to overwhelm you with choices but find something that matches your profile and holiday plans. that’s why we believe you’ll become a loyal customer, who is happy with the product we’ve suggested for you*, rather than someone who buys a policy from us once and never returns.

loyalty is hard won and easily lost, that’s why we created albert & eddie.

*albert & eddie would like to confirm that we are not making a personal recommendation/non advised sale about the insurance products offered.