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holidays come in all different shapes and sizes, which is why it’s so important to have a travel insurance policy in place that suits your travel needs.

at albert & eddie, we aim to match you with the right travel insurance policy, based on what you plan on getting up to during your trips.

for example, if you’re planning to go on a few relaxing holidays in the space of 12 months, you’ll probably suit an annual multi trip policy. whereas if you’re planning a more adrenaline-filled getaway, then you’ll probably be better off with specialist extreme sports cover.

you can find out more about the different types of policies available on albert & eddie below:

single trip travel insurance

single trip travel insurance policies are perfect for those travelling once or twice a year. they’re often cheaper than buying a multi trip policy (as you’re only paying for protection for one trip) and don’t tie you into one travel insurer for a whole year...

multi trip travel insurance

if you enjoy taking multiple holidays a year, then a multi trip travel insurance policy may be the type of cover most suitable for you. a multi trip policy (otherwise known as an annual travel insurance policy) can protect you for an unlimited number of trips within the space of a year.

longstay travel insurance

if you’re planning a trip abroad that lasts more than a month, whether it’s for an extended break in the sun or to enjoy some time exploring off the beaten track, then a longstay travel insurance policy may be the right type of cover for you.

winter sports travel insurance

winter sports travel insurance is designed to cover all of the usual things you would expect to find included with your travel insurance, with the added bonus of having the extras you may need for your winter season holiday...

cruise travel insurance

cruises are increasingly becoming a more popular choice for those looking to get away on holiday. you get to visit lots of different destinations during one trip, they can be easier to plan than a typical beach holiday, and they can be extremely family-friendly (or adult-only, depending on who you’re going with)

family travel insurance

treating the kids to their first trip abroad? or perhaps you're planning your annual summer escape? if you’re looking for travel insurance protection for the whole family, then look no further.

backpackers travel insurance

so, you’ve decided to go travelling and experience all of the new and wonderful cultures across the four corners of the globe. backpacker travel insurance is the perfect way to make sure you are fully covered while you’re on your adventures, should anything unexpected happen during your trip.

medical travel insurance

having a medical condition shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a well-deserved break away from home – and in most cases, it doesn’t! but it’s always better to be safe than sorry, which is why we cannot stress just how important it is that you disclose any medical conditions that you have when taking out a travel insurance policy.