where we’re going

don’t tell us the sky is the limit
when there are footprints on the moon

where we’re going

we created albert & eddie to revolutionise how people buy insurance: putting the focus on suitable protection for individual needs and providing more awareness over the product being bought.

our vision for albert & eddie is to host a variety of insurance products that offer people the exact protection they need based on their circumstances and educate consumers on the benefits of having suitable protection in place along the way.

not only does understanding what cover you are buying (and having the right protection in place) increase the likelihood of getting a claim paid, but it helps to rebuild trust between consumers and insurers too. it’s a win-win, really.

now that we have introduced our smart comparison tool to the market, we have exciting plans to grow and expand by applying this logic to different types of insurance products.

so, watch this space as we will soon be home to a range of brands offering policies for other ranges of insurance, as well as our bread and butter products, which is travel insurance, of course.

we look forward to introducing our new products very soon. but for now, welcome to the new and simpler way of buying insurance!