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at albert & eddie , we know first-hand just how important it is to have travel insurance protection in place that suits your exact needs, especially if you have a medical condition. 

while we host a number of our different travel insurance brands, including specialist medical travel insurance brands, we understand that you may not always be happy with the policies available and they may not always suit your individual circumstances.

so, if you feel that the price you have been quoted to cover a medical condition is too high, or if none of the brands on our panel can offer cover to meet your individual needs, then you can access a number of specialist medical providers on a directory provided by the Money Helper travel insurance directory

can policies through albert & eddie provide cover for my medical conditions?

if you haven’t already, let us know about any medical conditions you have during the quote process. it’s really easy to do and can be completed both online or over the phone. simply answer a few questions about your health and we’ll point you in the direction of one of our brands that may be able to cover you. for some more complex conditions, we may ask that you give us a call to chat through your health in a little more detail. if none of the brands on albert & eddie can offer you cover, then we’d recommend checking out the Money Helper travel insurance directory

what is Money Helper?

Money Helper is a free and impartial money advice service. it was originally set up by the government to offer information that could help people improve their finances. the Money Helper travel insurance directory was put together for those who have potentially been refused cover, had cover excluded, or received a high travel insurance quote due to their medical condition(s). the directory provides alternative travel insurance providers that may be able to offer travel insurance protection for those with medical conditions.

how can i get in touch with the Money Helper directory?

you can get in touch with the Money Helper directory by calling them on 0800 138 7777. they are open monday – friday 8am to 6pm. you can also visit their website to see the full list of participating travel insurance brands by clicking here

who is the Money Helper travel insurance directory for?

The below video has been created by Money Helper, and helps to explain who the service is most appropriate for.