cruise travel insurance

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cruise travel insurance

cruises are increasingly becoming a more popular choice for those looking to get away on holiday. you get to visit lots of different destinations during one trip, they can be easier to plan than a typical beach holiday, and they can be extremely family-friendly (or adult-only, depending on who you’re going with).

but if you’re planning a cruise holiday, then it’s important to have the right travel insurance policy in place to protect you. here’s everything you need to know about the cover you’ll need.

what cruise cover is offered through policies on albert & eddie?

a cruise travel insurance policy protects travellers against the unexpected mishaps that can happen on any getaway. all of the travel insurance policies available through albert & eddie not only include cover for assistance in case of a medical emergency and the expenses that come with that, but cancellation and protection for all of your belongings if you lose them or they get damaged or stolen too.

cruise policies are also carefully designed to protect holidaymakers against the things that could go wrong during a cruise break, such as being confined to your cabin or missing the port you were meant to stop off and explore.

all cruise travel insurance policies at albert & eddie include:

  • cover for the cost of pre-paid onshore trips/activities if you miss out due to injury or illness
  • cabin confinement cover, if you end up being stuck in your cabin due to injury or illness
  • missed port cover, if your itinerary changes due to bad weather or a restricted timetable
  • missed departure cover, if you are unable to board the cruise because of something outside of your control, this covers you to join the cruise at the next port
  • formal attire replacement if it does not arrive within 12 hours of you boarding the ship because it was lost by your transport provider
  • up to £10 million in case of a medical emergency, depending on the policy selected
  • 24/7 access to an assistance team in the case of a medical emergency
  • over 100 sports and activities covered as standard
  • cover for UK, European and worldwide trips, as long as you are not travelling against the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office’s travel advice
  • plus, a wide range of extra add-ons that let you personalise your policy even further

frequently asked questions

what should I look out for in a cruise travel insurance cover?

the cruise is booked and the date is on the calendar, time to make sure everything is covered. specialist cruise cover is a wise choice as it is designed to cover you for that little bit extra compared to your standard travel policy. plus, most cruise companies won’t let you on board without it! so, what cover should you look out for in your cruise policy?

  • activities are you planning on doing any activities while you are onshore? then you need to make sure that you have the appropriate cover in place on your travel insurance as not all activities are covered the same. let us know what activities you plan on getting up to during your cruise, and we’ll try our best to match you with one of our cruise travel insurance brands that offers protection for this!
  • destinations make sure the destinations that you are stopping at as part of your cruise are covered under your policy. all you need to do us let us know your trip itinerary during the quote process, and we’ll make sure we only offer you travel insurance policies that cover these destinations.
  • missed ports sometimes the English weather can follow you on your holiday and play havoc with the itinerary. bad weather could slow the cruise, disrupt the timetable or cause you to miss the port entirely. having missed port cover in place will make sure that you are protected. simply tell us that you’re planning a cruise and we’ll match you with one of our brands that offers this type of protection.
  • cabin confinement getting sick on holiday is never fun, but if you are made to stay in your cabin on doctor’s orders, you can be covered for each 24-hour period that you are stuck indoors.
  • medical expensesnobody enjoys a trip to the doctor’s whilst away, but sometimes it is necessary. the cruise doctor will be able to help with general medical problems, but serious medical issues may need more advanced care than what the cruise can provide, this could mean that ship-to-shore evacuation is needed. this type of cover is available on all cruise travel insurance policies on offer through albert & eddie.
  • what do you class as a cruise at albert & eddie?

    well, technically speaking, a cruise is defined as “a trip involving a sea or river voyage of more than 3 days in total duration, where transportation and accommodation is primarily on an ocean/river going passenger ship”.

    simply let us know that you’re planning a cruise holiday during the quote process and we’ll point you in the direction of the policies that match your needs.

    does cruise travel insurance include cancellation cover?

    cancellation cover is generally one of the standard benefits included on all policies, but as always, make sure that this is the case with the policy that you are buying. you should also make sure that the cancellation amount is enough to cover what you have paid for your trip. let us know how much you’ve paid for your cruise holiday and we’ll make sure our brands we show offer enough cancellation cover for your trip.

    why do I need specialist cruise travel insurance?

    a specialist cruise policy will cater for higher cover levels, for example, longer trip durations and higher incurred costs such as medical expenses. put it this way, if you fall ill and need medical treatment while on a cruise, and then have to be brought back to the shore via air ambulance, it can be very expensive! a standard policy will also not account for the additional costs of a cruise holiday and you could end up being left seriously out of pocket. plus, most cruise ships won’t even let you on board unless you have the appropriate cover for the trip.

    are medical conditions covered under cruise travel insurance?

    most of the cruise policies available through albert & eddie will consider cover for medical conditions. all we ask is that you declare any medical conditions you have when taking out a quote.

    letting us know about a medical condition(s) is super easy and can be done either online or on the phone, if you’d prefer. just answer our short set of questions during the quote process and leave us to match you with the most appropriate policy for you, based on your travel needs. in some cases, we may ask that you give us a call to chat through your health instead if you have a more complex condition.

    it’s so important that you declare any medical conditions that you have on your cruise travel insurance (and all other types of travel insurance) as failure to do so could mean that your policy is invalid later down the line. the cruise line may request confirmation that you have adequate cover in place, should there be any medical issues on board. as mentioned, the ship doctor can assist in most cases, however, in more serious emergency cases, medical air evacuation may be required, so having cover for this is crucial.

    do cruise travel insurance policies cover Covid-19?

    most of the policies available through albert & eddie offer standard protection against Covid-19.

    however, if you’d like extra protection against the risks that Covid-19 could cause during a cruise holiday, then there’s the option to enhance your protection with a Covid-19 policy extension across most brands on albert & eddie.