coronavirus travel insurance

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coronavirus travel insurance

the coronavirus pandemic was a huge part of many of our lives and, in many ways, still hasn’t completely disappeared. so, there is no surprise that many people still want some form of protection against Covid-19 when booking their well-deserved breaks as a safety measure.

but fear not! most of the policies available through albert & eddie offer a standard level of protection against Covid-19 – and some even have an optional Covid-19 extension that can enhance your protection against some of the risks posed.

what coronavirus cover is offered through albert & eddie?

travelling abroad for your holiday should be an easy and stress-free experience (we hope). so, the last thing that you need to be worrying about is what would happen if Covid-19 affected your trip.

with a range of different policies that offer cover for Covid-19 available through albert & eddie, you can hopefully find a policy that matches your travel needs and ticks all of your boxes.

all policies that offer standard coronavirus travel insurance through albert & eddie include:

  • cover for cancellation if you test positive for coronavirus within 14 days of the start of your trip and therefore need to stay at home to self-isolate
  • cover for cancellation if you are told that you are too ill to travel due to Covid-19 by a medical professional
  • cover for cancellation due to death or hospitalisation of you, an immediate relative, a travelling companion or a person you are planning to stay with due to Covid-19
  • up to £10m medical expenses, depending on the policy selected, should you fall ill with Covid-19 while on holiday and need emergency medical assistance (as long as you did not travel against the FCDO’s* advice)
  • cover if you need to cut short your trip due to testing positive for Covid-19 and self-isolation is required
  • 24/7 access to an emergency medical assistance team

frequently asked questions

i’m planning a holiday, what cover do i need to protect me against Covid-19?

most travel insurance policies available on albert & eddieoffer some form of cover against Covid-19 within their policies. however, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ when it comes to coronavirus protection, or travel insurance in general, so it’s important to let us know about the type of holiday you’re planning and the specific cover you need so we can match you with the most suitable policies.

while most brands on albert & eddie will provide cover for any emergency medical expenses related to Covid-19, some have more specific protection that covers a range of different scenarios that travellers could find themselves in. for example, some of our brands offer cancellation cover if you test positive for Covid-19 before your trip and have to isolate, so are no longer able to go on your trip.

some of our brands on albert & eddie also offer policy extensions that come with enhanced cover against the risks posed by Covid-19, such as protection for additional accommodation and transportation expenses if you test positive for Covid-19 while on holiday and have to isolate abroad. if you are concerned about Covid-19, it’s definitely worth considering policy enhancements when looking for cover that matches your travel needs.

since booking my trip, the FCDO have advised against travelling to my destination – what am I covered for?

unfortunately, most travel insurance policies across the market do not generally cover you to travel against the FCDO’s guidance. plus, anyone who ignores the guidance risks voiding their travel insurance policy meaning they might not be covered if something was to go wrong while abroad and later had to make a claim. this is because travellers generally have financial protection for such events elsewhere. for example, if the FCDO were to suddenly advise against travel to a particular destination, in most cases, tour operators would have to cancel any upcoming trips and airlines would have to suspend flights. in this scenario, you would be able to ask the holiday provider for a full refund or ask to move your holiday to a later date. if for some reason you were unable to get your money back through your tour operator or airline, you are also able to claim your money back through your bank or credit card provider.

my flight has been cancelled due to coronavirus, what am I covered for?

if your cancelled flight is part of a package holiday (where you have bought the flights and accommodation together), then you should contact your tour operator for a refund as they are responsible for providing you with a full cash refund under the Package Travel Regulations Act. if, however, you booked your flight separately, then you should contact the airline directly as they are responsible for either providing you with an alternative flight, offering you a refund or providing you with vouchers to use at a later date. again, if you are not able to get back the money or come to some sort of agreement, you can claim your money back through your bank or credit card provider, as long as the cost of the flight was over £100.

*Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office.