over 85s travel insurance

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over 85s travel insurance

at albert & eddie , we believe that age shouldn’t hold you back from enjoying a well-deserved holiday. however, we appreciate that finding suitable travel insurance when you’re over 85 years old can sometimes have its complications. this is especially true if, like many of us, you have medical conditions that need to be taken into consideration when looking for cover.

thankfully, the specialist medical brands available on albert & eddie consider cover for most medical conditions, helping lead the way to more accessible travel insurance for seniors.

what cover do over 85s policies offer through albert & eddie ?

finding a travel insurance policy that meets your travel needs can seem like a daunting task – but not at albert & eddie . our brands on our panel that offer travel insurance cover for those aged over 85 offer trip cancellation cover, emergency medical expenses, and personal belongings as standard. many policies also come with the option to add on policy extensions (for example, cover for gadgets or extra sports and activities) giving you extra peace of mind that your cover suits your holiday. 

all over 85s travel insurance policies at albert & eddie include:

  • up to £10 million in case of a medical emergency, depending on the policy selected
  • cancellation cover which starts as soon as you purchase on all single trip policies, and from the start date you choose on all annual multi trip policies (giving you extra peace of mind)§
  • 24/7 access to an emergency medical assistance team
  • over 100 sports covered as standard
  • cover for UK, European and Worldwide trips, providing you do not travel against the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office’s travel advice
  • a specialist medical questionnaire to easily declare any medical conditions you have
  • plus, a wide range of add-ons that let you personalise your policy

frequently asked questions

can I get travel insurance if I am over 85 years old?

yes – in most cases! here at albert & eddie we believe that age is just a number and it shouldn’t stop you from seeing the world. that’s why most of the brands available on albert & eddie will offer single trip cover for those aged over 85. simply let us know your age, a few details about your trip, and if you need to declare a medical condition, and we’ll point you in the direction of one of our brands who can cover your needs.

why does travel insurance get more expensive after 85?

the price of a travel insurance policy can vary depending on a number of different factors. your age, your health, your trip destination and the length of time you plan to go on holiday for can all influence the price you may for a travel insurance policy. naturally, as you get older it’s more common to have medical conditions that you need to let your insurer know about and so this can sometimes increase your overall policy price. but don’t worry, we have specialist medical travel insurance brands here, who consider cover for most medical conditions. just let us know about any conditions you need to declare during the quote process and we’ll match you with one of our brands that may be able to offer you cover.

which is the best travel insurance for over 85s?

travel insurance protection varies from provider to provider, so what might be the best travel insurance policy for one person, may not be for another. that’s why it’s important to buy your travel insurance protection based on your exact needs. while some elements of travel insurance cover are included as standard on most policies, for example, cancellation cover, protection for emergency medical expenses and personal possessions, it’s important to make sure you have cover in place for your exact needs. are you planning to take part in any sports on holiday? have you booked a really expensive holiday? maybe you’re going on a cruise! simply let us know a few details about your needs during the quote process and we will show you the policies that match your trip needs.

which policies can you get if you are over 85?

all of our travel insurance brands on albert & eddie offer single trip travel insurance protection for those ages over 85 years old. however, we’re afraid most of our brands don’t offer multi trip cover. single trip policies still offer all of the same benefits as a multi trip policy – and you can still add policy extensions on to your cover to make sure it matches your needs – it just means that you’ll have to buy a new policy for each trip that you go on.

does travel insurance include medical conditions for those over 85?

most of our brands at albert & eddie will consider cover for medical conditions. in fact, most brands on the panel use a specialist medical screening tool that allows us to get a better picture of your overall health and, in most cases, match you with one of our brands that can meet your travel needs.

simply let us know about any medical conditions you need to declare during the quote process, (this could be anything from something you take medication for such as high blood pressure, to something you see your GP or a consultant for), and we’ll ask you a few questions to get a fuller picture of your general health to make sure we match you with one of our brands that will cover your needs (or at least point you in the direction of someone else who can, if none of the albert & eddie brands are able to).

do albert & eddie policies include Covid-19 protection?

Yes. Most of the policies available through Albert & Eddie offer a basic level of protection against Covid-19. For example, cancellation cover due to isolating or being hospitalised as a result of a Covid-19 diagnosis. However, there’s also the option across all travel insurance brands on the Albert & Eddie panel to enhance your protection with a Covid-19 policy extension.

§cancellation cover limits may vary between our brands. please check your policy wording for more information.