multi trip travel insurance

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multi trip travel insurance

if you enjoy taking multiple holidays a year, then a multi trip travel insurance policy may be the type of cover most suitable for you.

a multi trip policy (otherwise known as an annual multi trip travel insurance policy) can protect you for an unlimited number of trips within the space of a year. that means from the second your policy starts, until the day it ends, you can go on as many holidays as you like at no extra cost, as long as each trip doesn’t last more than 31 days.

multi trip policies can offer better value for money for those who travel more than twice a year, as it can work out cheaper than buying individual single trip protection. they can also save you a lot of time and hassle as you’ll only have to put in your information once a year (unless something changes in your life that you need to tell us about). what’s more, most multi trip policies available here at albert & eddie also cover domestic breaks too, which means if you often enjoy a weekend away in the UK, you’ll also have protection for that trip too (provided you’re staying away from home for more than two nights and have paid for accommodation).

what cover do albert & eddie multi trip policies offer?

plan for the worst, hope for the best – that’s our motto. sometimes things go wrong and a dream holiday can turn into a bit of a disaster. that’s where your travel insurance steps in. all multi trip travel insurance policies available at albert & eddie not only offer cover for elements such as assistance in case of a medical emergency and the expenses that come with that, but cancellation and protection for all of your belongings if you lose them or they get damaged or stolen too. so, you can travel on as many trips as you like within a year knowing that our policies have got you covered. all albert & eddie policies also come with an option to upgrade your protection based on your upcoming holiday. no two trips are the same – so why should your cover be?

all standard multi trip travel insurance policies at albert & eddie include:

  • up to £10 million in case of a medical emergency, depending on the policy selected
  • cancellation cover on all policies (giving you extra peace of mind)
  • 24/7 access to an assistance team in the case of a medical emergency
  • over 100 sports and activities covered as standard
  • cover for UK, European and worldwide trips, as long as you are not travelling against the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office’s travel advice
  • plus, a wide range of extra add-ons that let you personalise your policy

frequently asked questions

can I buy a multi trip policy if have a medical condition?

yes, you can buy a multi trip policy if you have a medical condition – at least in most cases! at albert & eddie, we believe that having a medical condition shouldn’t stop you from being able to travel. that’s why the policies we offer include specialist medical travel insurance brands that consider cover for most medical conditions.

it’s really easy to declare your medical history, simply answer the medical questions honestly and accurately on our online quote journey and we’ll do our best to match your travel needs with a suitable brand. sometimes we may require more information about your health, or a particular complex condition, so we might ask you to give us a ring to chat things through instead.

it’s really important that you correctly and fully declare your medical conditions when buying a travel insurance policy. the reason being, if you later need to submit a claim for reason linked to your medical condition, you may not be covered and have to foot the bill yourself.

when does cover start for a multi trip travel insurance policy?

when buying a multi trip policy, you choose which date you’d like your cover to start from (which can be anytime up to 31 days before your first trip takes place). this means that you could start your policy on the same day as you paid for it. or, you could activate the policy from the first day of your next trip.

while starting the policy on the first day of your trip may sound like a preferred option, you should be mindful that if anything were to happen between buying your policy and the policy start date, you wouldn’t be covered for cancellation costs. for this reason, it is sensible to start your policy the second you book your holiday, just in case you need to cancel it.

how many trips can I take on a multi trip policy?

most multi trip policies at albert & eddie will allow you to travel for an unlimited number of trips within a 12-month period, as long as you do not stay abroad for more than 31 days per trip.

if you’re planning to be away from the UK for more than 31 days, then you may benefit from taking out a longstay travel insurance policy instead.

which destinations are covered under multi trip travel insurance policies?

most destinations are covered under the policies available at albert & eddie, with the exception of those that the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office advise against travelling too.

however, we categorise destinations by geographical locations at albert & eddie. so, bear this in mind during the quote process and make sure you select the destination group that includes the countries than you plan on visiting throughout the year. don’t worry, you can always amend your destination cover at a later date if you change your mind.

is there an age limit on multi trip policies?

some travel insurance brands have lower age limits on their multi trip policies. however, others are able to continue to provide this type of cover regardless of the travellers age. at albert & eddie, finding cover shouldn’t be a problem whatever your age as we will only offer you policies that match your personal travel needs.

does a multi trip policy cover you to go on a cruise?

most travel insurance policies in the market and on albert & eddie do not offer cruise cover as standard. however, many provide the option to add on a ‘cruise extension’.

let us know during the quote process if you’re planning on taking a cruise and we’ll be able to show you policies that offer specialist cruise extensions to make sure your cruise holiday is protected.

do multi trip policies cover sports or activities?

nearly all of the policies available here at albert & eddie offer basic cover against standard and low-risk sports and activities. you can easily check your policy wording to find exactly what activities are covered under your chosen policy.

that being said, we also have our specialist extreme sports brands that offer additional protection for those wanting to go on more adventurous and daring trips (we’re talking cover for sky diving, paragliding and bungee jumping and other adrenaline-pumping activities).

do multi trip policies cover Covid-19?

most of the policies available at albert & eddie offer standard protection against Covid-19. for example, cover should you test positive for Covid-19 up to 14 days before your departure, or medical expenses should you become unwell with Covid-19 during your trip and need emergency medical assistance.

however, the majority of brands on the panel at albert & eddie also offer an optional Covid-19 policy extension which enhances protection against the risks posed by the coronavirus.