couples travel insurance

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couples travel insurance

planning a sunny getaway with your other half? or perhaps it’s a romantic city break you’re looking for? whatever the destination, it’s important to have a suitable travel insurance policy in place to protect you and your loved one from any unexpected mishaps.

the couples travel insurance policies available through albert & eddie offer peace of mind knowing that you have chosen a policy which meets your travel needs. after all, nothing kills the romance more than a hefty medical bill or the cost of replacing a lost valuable item during a well-deserved break.

simply let us know during the quote process what type of holiday you’re planning, how much your trip costs, any medical conditions you have, plus any activities you plan on getting involved in and we’ll match you with one of our brands that match both your needs.

what cover do couples travel insurance policies offer through albert & eddie?

sometimes things don’t always go as planned, which is why it’s so important to have suitable travel insurance protection in place. most of our brands on albert & eddie offer cover for things like lost, damaged and stolen belonging, as well as medical expenses in the case of an emergency as standard.

plus, for couples who love their activities, you’ll also find over 100 sports and other activities covered as standard across most policies. most of the brands on albert & eddie also offer the option to add-on extra cover for protection against things like Covid-19 and gadgets too!

all standard couples travel insurance policies at albert & eddie include:

  • up to £10 million in case of a medical emergency, depending on the policy selected
  • cancellation cover which starts as soon as you purchase on all single trip policies, and from the start date you choose on all annual multi trip policies (giving you extra peace of mind)§
  • 24/7 access to an assistance team in the case of a medical emergency
  • over 100 sports and activities covered as standard
  • cover for UK, European and worldwide trips, as long as you are not travelling against the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office’s travel advice
  • plus, a wide range of extra add-ons that let you personalise your policy even further

frequently asked questions

what is couples travel insurance?

in simple terms, couples travel insurance is a joint travel insurance policy that covers both you and your other half under the same policy. often, a couple’s travel insurance policy can be cheaper than taking out two separate travel insurance policies. plus, with a couple’s policy, you still have the option to purchase a single trip, annual multi trip or annual policy to suit whatever trips you have planned throughout the year. you can also add on policy extensions to enhance your protection and tailor the policy, depending on the type of holiday you’re planning to go on.  

what is classed as a couple?

here at albert & eddie, our brands define a couple as two adults (both over the age of 18), who are in a relationship and have lived at the same address for more than six months.

how does couples travel insurance work?

couples travel insurance works similar to a standard policy except you will both be under the same policy. the quote process is pretty much identical to taking a normal policy out. for example, you’ll have to let us know about your trip, how much the holiday has cost you, any medical conditions you need to declare, plus what type of activities you’ll be getting up to. the only difference is that it will cover two of you under the policy, rather than one. the brands available on our panel offer a range of policy extensions too, meaning if you need extra protection for your gadgets, or even a sporting activity you plan to get involved in, then that’s okay too. just let us know during the quote process and we’ll show you all of the policies available.

can you travel separately on couples travel insurance?

yes! most of our brands available through albert & eddie will allow individuals named on a couple’s policy to travel separately, as long as it is an annual multi-trip policy. we know that not every holiday you go on will be a romantic getaway with your other half, meaning you absolutely can travel on separate trips and still receive the same protection and cover from your policy.

does couples travel insurance cover Covid-19?

most of the travel insurance policies that can be found through albert & eddie will provide basic protection against Covid-19. this will include cancellation cover due to a positive test result, or cover for emergency medical expenses if you are hospitalised due to a Covid-19 diagnosis. that being said, if you’d like extra protection for the risks that Covid-19 can cause, then you’ll also have the option to add-on a policy extension for enhanced Covid-19 cover.

§cancellation cover limits may vary between our brands. please check your policy wording for more information.