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sunshine saturday

sunshine saturday is one of the busiest times of the year when it comes to booking a holiday. why may that be, you may ask? well, sunshine saturday is typically when travel agents and tour operators offer discounted holidays for the year ahead, allowing british holidaymakers to bag themselves a bargain break for less. while […]

insurance that matches your ever-changing travel habits

as humans, we’re constantly evolving and developing. from fashion choices, hairstyles and even our taste in food, who we are and the way we live can quickly change. after all, did you ever imagine enjoying an olive when you were younger?

how your travel insurance premium is calculated

have you ever wondered how travel insurers work out how much your policy is going to cost? now bear with us for a minute, just think about what would happen if you were to break an arm while on holiday abroad.

common mistakes when buying travel insurance

our research has found the common mistakes that people make when buying travel insurance - here's what to look out for.